Practice your singing voice conscious, short and frequent and learn how to sing without restraint

It is almost a cliché to say, but our daily tasks makes us feel busy. We want everything and we especially don’t want to miss anything. In my vocal studio, I notice more and more that adolescents love to sing and want to learn how to sing better. For me, those are two separate things and I try to point that out to them. If you like to sing, I encourage you to do it everywhere you can without thinking or judging. Just to retain the joy of singing! If you also would like to learn to sing better? Practice your singing voice conscious, short and frequent! Consciously take the time to work on a piece of a song you want to improve. Find out WHAT you want to improve and know HOW you can do that. Your vocal coach can help you with this proces, so you can do it yourself at home while practicing your songs.

Practice short passages from a song

For example, practice a (short) passage from a song you want to improve, it doesn’t matter which technique you want to work on like placement, respiratory flow, phrasing, etc. First of all be conscious about what you should do to improve it. If you’ve put that in mind, you start to sing the passage. After you’ve sung it once, ask yourself how it felt and how it sounded. Was that what you wanted? No? Try to check again what you can do to improve, so that you learn how it feels and sounds when the passage goes well. Do not stay in the trial and error mode and don’t spent time on asking yourself what went wrong. Generally this has a negative effect and it’s time- and energy consuming. You might even end up in starting to hate that song or worse, singing itself! Try to turn your mindset to positive thinking; how can I improve myself so that it goes well? If you already have the desired result after the first time, try this again a second and third time. Observe, listen and feel while singing that passage. Keep focussed! At Vocal Studio at ROBB we help our students to learn this type of vocal practicing, so that students learn how to adjust and improve themselves at home.

Practice your singing voice conscious, short and frequent

Repeat this 3 times of CONSCIOUS practice, observing and adjusting with 3 times the desired result, for at least two times a day. In total you’ll spend 10 minutes of your daytime on vocal exercise. But you did it efficient, well focused and aware! Only if you’ll repeat this kind of practice for a longer period of time, it has the advantage that it will become a sort of automatism. It becomes part of your vocal abilities! And in my opinion, that’s what you want! Eventually you’ve improved your song, without restraining at passages of the song where you have worked on. Eventually you will find that you are far less inhibited while singing, because the conscious practice has ensured that your voice has mastered a (new) part. Enjoy your singing!
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