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Learning styles in vocal lessons

Which learning style suits you best? You may ask yourself? As a singing teacher I think it’s important to know which learning style suits my student, in order to respond to this style during the singing lessons. You can find a number of theories about learning styles on the internet or in the old school libraries. Personally, […]

Use your own voice and -Timbre

A short blog about the voice and its uniqueness; From my teaching practice I regularly novice singers  who like to sing like their favorite singer (es). My response is often; “Why would you want that?”. Some answers I get are; “Because her singing is beautiful” or “Because he has a cool voice.” Of course, “beautiful” […]

Vocal lessons in breda

We’ve been asked for vocal lessons in Breda and surroundings on a regular base. We would like to inform you that our Vocal Studio is in a small town close to Breda where vocal coach Rob van den Biggelaar works with all kind of vocalists, professional singers and people who’ve just started singing. So if you’re from […]

Learn to sing backing vocals

“In learning how to sing backing vocals and harmonies, I’ve made ​​great progress. The repertoire was entirely free of choice, what motivates me. Rob thanks for your expertise and enthusiasm!”

Train your voice using clear goals

<em>”At the beginning I got myself a number of goals that I’ve worked on together with Rob, in which he helped me to accomplish them. His way of working on learning how to train your voice works very pleasant. Rob is flexible, but also makes clear goals, so you know where you stand. During the […]