“Thanks Rob, for all your help with my metal/punk vocals. Thanks to you I have made enormous progress, it’s much easier to sing and I have a much greater vocal range than before. Your enthusiasm is contagious and gave me confidence.”

Marco Wijnants

Module Leadvocals Band

Do you sing in a band? Do you sometimes wonder how come you’re always hoarse after a gig? Can’t you sing certain pitches? Does your voice sounds too soft compared to the band? Do you have a certain amount of performance anxiety? Would you like to learn some vocal routines to simply enhance your voice or to get good warm up routines for a gig? Do you want to know more about microphone technique? Or do you have other specific questions and objectives where you want to work on? Vocal Studio ROBB can help you. With clear objectives and a concrete approach. You will be amazed by the results you are going to achieve! Rob has more than 20 years of experience as a lead singer and guitarist and knows what it’s like to perform onstage and what this asks from your voice. You can plan your lesson directly online at a day and time that suits you best!

Number of persons:
Private lesson or duo lesson.

Minimum lesson quantity: 
5 hours.

Age group:
Starting from 21 years old.

Genre & Style:
All styles of light music are welcome, from Pop to Rock, Blues to Jazz, Musical, Soul, R&B, Singer-songwriter, you name it. We can even work on your own songs.

Prices Module Leadvocals Band:

Amount of teaching hours DiscountPrice per hour (excl. 21% VAT)
5 hours€ 47,00
10 hours6%€ 44,18
15 hours8%€ 43,24
20 hours10%€ 42,30

– Total amount can be paid all at once or in fixed monthly payments. When paying all at once you will receive a gift certificate for 1 hour lesson to give away as a gift to a friend or acquaintance.

– Students that have the age of 21 or older, have to pay 21% sales tax on the price of all singing lesson(s).

– Duo lessons are more beneficial, as the total lesson price can be shared by two students.

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