“Rob gave me songwriting coaching, which was great! He is very involved, professional and pleasant as a person!

Ingrid van den NieuwenhuizenProfessional Singer

Module Singing Lessons Pro

This module is designed especially for professional singers or singer-songwriters, who want to work on a specific question or problem. For example; problems with a particular passage in a song, work on a better placement of your sound and optimizing your carrying capacity and resonans, know how to prevent yourself from hoarseness after a gig and improve vocal strength and health, expand your vocal range, work on your performance. Or we can provide you with specific workflows for preservation and maintenance of a healthy singing voice that is heavily used. Vocal Studio ROBB can help you with this, based on good customized coaching from a competent teacher and more than 20 years of experience as lead singer and guitarist in numerous music venues in the Netherlands and abroad in different band line-ups. During the vocal lessons, Vocal Studio ROBB uses different vocal methods used within contemporary singing. On the base of experience of  courses, training or masterclasses (this includes TVS, EVTS, CVT, Pahn, Berkleemusic, Lichtenberger, etc.). Furthermore Vocal Studio ROBB completed the Master Course Instructor course in the TVS vocal method from the USA, which is used by Cris Cornell (Soundgarden and Audioslave), Layne Staley (Alice in Chains), Ann Wilson (Heart), and others. During the vocal lessons, Vocal Studio ROBB uses the content of the method which best suits the singer and his/her goals or desires. This gives Vocal Studio ROBB multiple angles to work with, so that each singer gets the most appropriate approach.  You can plan your lesson directly online at a day and time that suits you best or in consultation on a different location.

Number of persons:
Private lesson.

Minimum lesson quantity: 
1 hour.

Age group:
Professional singers.

Genre & Style:
All styles of light music are welcome, from Pop to Rock, Blues to Jazz, Musical, Soul, R&B, Singer-songwriter, you name it. We can even work on your own songs.

Prices Module Singing Lessons Pro:

Amount of teaching hours DiscountPrice per hour (younger than 21 years old)Price per hour (starting from 21 years old, excl. 21% VAT)
1 hour€ 47,00€ 47,00

– Total amount can be paid all at once or in fixed monthly payments. When paying all at once you will receive a gift certificate for 1 hour lesson to give away as a gift to a friend or acquaintance.

– Students that have the age of 21 or older, have to pay 21% sales tax on the price of all singing lesson(s).

– Duo lessons are more beneficial, as the total lesson price can be shared by two students.

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