Singing with distortion

Practice your singing voice conscious, short and frequent and learn how to sing without restraint

It is almost a cliché to say, but our daily tasks makes us feel busy. We want everything and we especially don’t want to miss anything. In my vocal studio, I notice more and more that adolescents love to sing and want to learn how to sing better. For me, those are two separate things […]

Learning styles in vocal lessons

Which learning style suits you best? You may ask yourself? As a singing teacher I think it’s important to know which learning style suits my student, in order to respond to this style during the singing lessons. You can find a number of theories about learning styles on the internet or in the old school libraries. Personally, […]

Use your own voice and -Timbre

A short blog about the voice and its uniqueness; From my teaching practice I regularly novice singers  who like to sing like their favorite singer (es). My response is often; “Why would you want that?”. Some answers I get are; “Because her singing is beautiful” or “Because he has a cool voice.” Of course, “beautiful” […]

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